Make Your Home Shine with Professional Pressure Washing in Tallahassee, FL

Pool Cage Cleaning Tallahassee FL

One of the most important tasks of being a homeowner is to maintain the overall look and cleanliness of your property. With that said, cleaning your home’s exterior can be tough and tiring without the right tools and techniques. Fortunately, professional pressure washing services can aid you in keeping your home looking as dazzling and…

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Why Are There Small Black Dots On Your Siding?

Artillery fungus spores on siding

The small black fungus spores on your siding are most likely from artillery fungus. Artillery fungus is a type of fungus that grows in wood chip mulch and decaying wood. It is most common in areas with wet weather. The fungus produces black, spore-filled spheres that can be shot out of the mulch on to…

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Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing: Which Is Right for Your Home?

House Washing Tallahassee FL

Soft washing and pressure washing are both effective methods of cleaning residential properties. Soft washing uses a low-pressure water stream to spray a cleaning solution followed by a low-pressure freshwater rinse. Pressure washing uses a high-pressure water stream to clean. Soft Washing for Residential Properties Soft washing is the best option for cleaning surfaces that…

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