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We clean solar panels by using a soft-bristled brush designed for glass panels, while rinsing thoroughly with demineralized water. Rinsing with DI water helps prevent new hard water stains from forming as the panels dry. This cleaning process requires no soap or chemicals and is gentle on the panels, especially if your panels have an anti-reflective coating. Our solar panel cleaning procedure is certified by the International Solar Cleaning Academy (ISCA), ensuring we meet the industry's highest standards for safety and protection while cleaning your valuable panels.

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While cleaning your solar panels yourself is possible, it's important to prioritize safety.

Roof Safety: If your panels are on the roof, working at heights can be dangerous. Consider hiring a professional cleaner if you're not comfortable or lack proper safety equipment.
Electrical Safety: Even when your system is off at the house, solar panels can still generate DC electricity when sunlight hits them. A damaged panel, wire, or improper cleaning process can create a shock hazard.

To minimize risk while cleaning your own solar panels, prioritize proper PPE. Wear class 0 electrical gloves and boots to protect yourself from electrical shock. Additionally, consult your panel manufacturer's cleaning instructions. Different panel types may require specific cleaning solutions or techniques to avoid damaging the delicate surface. If you're unsure about any of these steps, it's always best to consult a professional solar panel cleaner.

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We are ISCA-certified in Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning Safety (USA)

How often you need to have your solar panels clean depends on the environment. A good rule of thumb is to clean your panels at least once a year. In areas with heavy dust, dirt, or pollen, cleaning every 6 months might be necessary. Keep an eye on your panels and adjust the cleaning schedule based on how much dust, dirt and pollen accumulates on your property.

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