Will having my home soft washed clean the windows?

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Yes, having your home soft washed will clean the windows. However, minor spotting can occur as the water dries, depending on the amount of minerals in your local water. If you want to avoid this, you can hire a professional window cleaning service to clean the windows after your house has been soft washed.

A professional window cleaning service will use a window scrubber/mop with soap followed by a squeegee to clean the glass. This will ensure that the glass is spot free because the squeegee will dry the glass before the water evaporates and leaves the minerals behind. Some professional window cleaning companies also use a filtration system that filters out all the minerals from the water, then the purified water is pumped through a water fed pole and on to the glass. The glass is brushed and rinsed with purified water and dries spot free.

In the Tallahassee, Florida area, most windows look great after a house soft wash and low-pressure rinse, with minimal spotting due to our local TDS levels in the city water. However, customers may want to schedule a window cleaning service after the house soft wash to detail the glass and ensure that it is completely spot-free.

Do you know the quality of your local water?

To learn the amount of mineral in your local water, you can use a TDS meter on a sample of water to get the mineral count. A TDS meter is a small, handheld device that measures the total dissolved solids (TDS) in water. TDS is a measure of the total amount of inorganic and organic substances dissolved in water.

Water Resources Mission has a map of water hardness in the United States online that you can use to find the hardness of your water supply. The map is based on data from the US Geological Survey (USGS) and shows the average water hardness for different regions of the country. To view the map, visit the Water Resources Mission website and click on the “Water Hardness Map” link. The map will show you the water hardness for your area.


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