Soft Washing: Addressing the Chemical Smell

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We understand that the chemical scent from a soft wash can be a concern. While we do add a surfactant that has a lemon cover scent to our soft wash soap to make the washing process more pleasant, it’s important to understand that this is temporary. The cover scent masks the odor of sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient in a soft wash soap, which can linger after the wash dries. Essentially, the bleach concentration determines the odor strength and how long it lingers. Stronger concentrations are used for tougher jobs on roofs but come with a stronger odor that lasts longer. Milder concentrations used for house washing have a weaker odor that dissipates quicker.

Understanding the Strength of the Odor

The concentration of sodium hypochlorite used in the wash solution can change the strength and duration of the chemical smell. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Roof Cleaning: A stronger solution (3-5% sodium hypochlorite) is typically used for roof cleaning per most single manufacturers cleaning instructions when tackling heavy algae growth. This can result in a stronger odor that lingers outdoors for several days.
  • House Washing: On the other hand, house washing and most soft washing applications use a much milder solution, typically less than 1% sodium hypochlorite. This gentler approach is suitable for cleaning siding, patios, and other exterior surfaces. The benefit? A less noticeable odor that usually fades within a day

Minimizing the Disruption

While the odor may linger for a short while, rest assured that the fresh scent of a clean exterior will soon take its place. To further minimize any inconvenience, we can schedule your soft washing for a day that best suits your needs. Our goal is to provide a thorough cleaning while ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

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Nick Loomis Owner-operator
Nick Loomis is the owner of Hot Water Pressure Washing & Soft Wash | Tallahassee, FL. He has been soft washing homes and businesses in Tallahassee, FL, and surrounding areas since 2012. He specializes in house washing, concrete cleaning, roof cleaning, and wood restoration. Additionally, he is a certified residential solar panel cleaner by the International Solar Cleaning Academy.